Estate planning for the whole family

We provide estate planning that works - through Life and Legacy Planning.

We guide our clients to make decisions for the people they love and then use documents to implement those decisions.

LIFE AND LEGACY PLANNING is heart-centered and offers more than the traditional estate planning. It includes:

  • Legal & Financial Clarity

    (Financial information is collected, organized and analyzed, which is instrumental in determining the best estate plan)

  • Wise Decisions

    (Informed empowered decisions are made, based on your particular family and financial/property situation. Choose the right planning level and fee for your plan.)

  • A Trusted Advisor

    (A trust relationship is created with each client and incorporates working with other professionals, such financial planners, insurance agents, … to create a customized estate plan)

  • Documentation and Guidance

    (Documentation implements the estate plan. Know with certainty, your family will be expertly guided with love throughout your life and in the event of your incapacity or death.)

Susan J. Kirkpatrick J.D. | Estate Planner

We build lifetime relationships of trust with you so that your financial and legal decision-making evolve through the seasons of life.



Peace of Mind

Avoid Your Mistakes

We provide estate planning that works - through Life and Legacy Planning