Estate planning for the whole family

Estate planning for the whole family

We provide estate planning that works - through Life and Legacy Planning

We provide estate planning that works - through Life and Legacy Planning

Estate Planning Attorney in Olympia, WA

Our attorneys at Kirkpatrick Legal Services, PLLC understand the importance of securing your legacy and ensuring your loved ones' well-being through comprehensive estate planning. As your dedicated estate planners in Olympia, WA, we are committed to guiding you through the complexities of estate planning, providing peace of mind for the future.

With our experienced team by your side, you'll have access to a knowledgeable, compassionate estate planning attorney who will work closely with you to tailor a plan that meets your needs and goals. We recognize that every client's situation is unique, and we take the time to listen to your wishes and concerns to create a personalized estate plan that safeguards your assets and preserves your legacy.

Our Top Estate Planning Services in Olympia

At Kirkpatrick Legal Services, PLLC, we offer comprehensive estate planning services catering to your needs.

Wills and Estate Planning

Our wills and estate planning services provide the tools to secure your assets and uphold your wishes. Our skilled team, including an attorney for wills in Olympia, WA, will assist you in drafting and finalizing a legally binding will that reflects your intentions, ensuring your loved ones are taken care of as per your desires.

Estate Planning Trusts

Estate planning trusts are a powerful way to protect your assets, provide for your beneficiaries, and potentially reduce estate taxes. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through establishing and managing trusts to create a lasting impact for your loved ones.

Elder Law Care

Our dedicated elder law care services address the unique legal needs of seniors and their families. From long-term care planning to guardianship matters, we are here to provide compassionate guidance and legal solutions that prioritize the well-being and dignity of our elderly clients.

For expert estate planning tailored to your circumstances, contact us today. Let Kirkpatrick Legal Services, PLLC be your trusted partner in safeguarding your legacy and providing for your loved ones' future.

Susan J. Kirkpatrick J.D. | Estate Planner

Susan Kirkpatrick, Attorney

LIFE AND LEGACY PLANNING offers more than the traditional estate planning. It includes:

  • Legal & Financial Clarity

    (financial information is collected and organized, which is instrumental in determining the best estate plan)

  • Wise Decisions

    (based on particular family and financial/property situation)

  • A Trusted Advisor

    (based on the relationship built with clients and other professionals (financial planners, insurance agents, …)

Documentation and Guidance

My estate planning practice in the capitol city of Olympia, Washington focuses on helping you craft a plan that achieves your goals for your loved ones today and for years to come. 

Estate Planning for the Whole Family

We work with families of all kinds; those who are married or single, with a traditional family or a blended one, and those who are just starting out or looking at a life well-lived.


I graduated with honors from the University of Washington School of Law in 1980.  After working in the legal field for 28+ years, I took a 10-year break before returning to law in 2022.

So, I AM BACK!  I am rebuilding what I started with the benefit of my life experience and the resources of the Personal Family Lawyer program.  The programs systems create an efficiency that allows me to focus on what I like best:  getting to know our clients so we can create comprehensive customized plans for them.

I am the proud mother of Megan and Alec and grandmother of Jameson and triplets; McKinley, Jaden and Jaxson.

Because of my grandparenting experience, I am especially interested in working with grandparents – who want to protect themselves, their wonderful adult children, and their adored grandchildren. 

A former client who wants to work with me again, says: “Thank you for coming back to help those of us who love your wonderful help with our futures and how we want t leave things for our loved ones.  You are the best!  Thank you, Melanie D.”.

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We start by scheduling a Wealth Planning Session (which usually lasts 2 hours).  Once scheduled, we send a Life and Legacy Inventory and Assessment to be completed as best you can before the Wealth Planning Session.  We also ask for copies of all Deeds, financial statements evidencing your ownership of bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, and annuities, as well as stocks or bond certificates.  In addition, we need copies of any LLC or Partnership Agreements and your previous estate planning documents.  At that session, I make recommendations regarding a customized estate plan and the corresponding flat fee; half of which is paid upfront and the balance paid at the completion of the estate plan.  (Because we don’t bill hourly for estate planning, there are no surprises.)  The signing of the documents usually takes place 4 weeks after the planning session.

After completion and implementation of the estate plan, we offer free 3-year review sessions to determine if there is a need for a change in your estate plan.  (The client is responsible for scheduling those 3-year reviews).


We also offer plans by which we provide life and legacy planning to family members, such as adult children, parents and grandparents.

Avoid Potential Mistakes

We provide estate planning that works - through Life and Legacy Planning